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Past Events Topics:

    • “Values Based Change” – Timothy W. Goodly, PhD
    • “The Broad Perspective of OD and its Application” – Kevin Purcell, MA, Memorial Health System
    • “Round Table on Appreciative Inquiry and World Café” – Sr. Marilyn Jean Runkel, PhD
    • “Social Constructivism and the Field of OD” – Peter Sorenson, PhD, and Therese Yaeger, PhD
    • “Engagement” – Richard H. Axelrod, MBA
    • “SOAR” – Gina Hinrichs, PhD
    • “Baldrige Criteria” – Paul Kuchuris, Lincoln Foundation; and Tom Mulligan, Riverton School District Superintendent
    • “Six Sigma” – Rand Broutin, Caterpillar
    • “Next Generation Management” – Anthony F. Buono, PhD
    • “Interpersonal Communication Triangles” – Jared Bartels, Memorial Health System
    • “Trends in Organizational Development” – Therese Yaeger, PhD
    • Saturday Visit with a Scholar @ Springfield BU: Matt Minahan, PhD, re: OD chapters
    • Saturday Visit with a Scholar @ Springfield BU: David Jamieson, PhD, re: “Consultation”
    • “So, what do you do? How to define your brand” – Angelia Foster, Crowe-Horwath
    • “Appreciative Inquiry:  Does it Work?”- Sharon Durbin, President and CEO at Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries[/private]
    • “Leadership Circle 360” – Tess Fyalka, Director of Employee Development & Engagement at O’Shea Builders
    • “Contemplative Dialogue” – Sr. Marilyn Jean Runkel, PhD

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